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Wear the skirt of your body shape-1:Pear Shape

Summer is here,there are many beautiful dresses you can wear.But if waist width,thick legs,back problems and so on,we will get trouble to choose dresses.
We always got many customer’s Email,said: The legs are too thick to wear, and the back is too thick to wear many dresses.We did some research and found that it’s not that we can’t wear it, it’s that we didn’t choose a dress that suits us!
As long as the right dress, even if the legs thick back thick waist big, also can wear a thin and good-looking figure.

In order to make it easier for you to choose a dress, we have some tips,hope it can help you:

Shoulder width design +Collect waist design + A-line side split skirt
The biggest feature of a pear shape that is the hips are wider than the shoulders, which makes the hips look more prominent.So the easiest way to make the whole thing look balanced is to increase the width of the shoulders and make the hips and shoulders as wide as possible to create an X shape.
Meanwhile,choose the A-line side split dress for hide hips and legs.But don’t choose the wide puff A-line dress,your hips and legs will looks more wider.Pretty,did that help you?
If you want us to give more advice on choosing a dress,please feel free to contact us:)

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