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Wear the skirt of your body shape-2:Apple Shape

Last week,we talked about the pear shape body how to choose dress.Now let us talk about the apple shape body.
An apple shape means that there is no obvious waist-to-hip ratio, and plus a large belly, large chest, and thick back, which makes the upper body very round, as do many slightly fat girls.
How to choose dress?There have some tips:
Big V-neck + tight waist design(under the chest)
1.If you change to a skirt with a big neck, the upper body will immediately “lighter”.
Big necklines are usually square or V-neck. If you have a short neck or a round face, choose a big V-neck, which will elongate the neck more than a square one.
2.The other thing is to make sure you have a waist line, not at the waist, but under the chest.
Because the waist-hip line of the apple-shaped figure is not obvious, if the waist line is set at the waist, it may be difficult to have a clear curve.
But no matter where the upper body is fleshy, there must be a clear dividing line between the waist and the belly, so choose a dress that the waist-line starts at below the bust.
Ok,have you learned how to choose the dress now?
Any problems or suggestions,please feel free to contact us.Thanks:)

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