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Wear the skirt of your body shape-3:Petite girl

If a girl of petite doesn’t know what to wear, a short skirt is definitely the first choice, because it can show more leg lines, really tall!
1.Choose the two pieces set,the tops must short,and the a-line skirt’s length don’t choose too long,mini length or the knee length is good.
But don’t put more colors for the tops and the skirt,wear too messy, easy to distract attention, let people do not focus on the point but look short.So try to choose the same color or pure color dress is also important.
2.However, many girls may feel that their legs are not good, wearing short skirts do not look good, then you can choose small a-line skirt, make the skirt lines as vertical as possible, to show the effect of tall.And you can choose one pair of high heel or pick a pair of shoes that show the instep.
The same goes for collocation, remember to show high waist!
3.Short a-line dress,the high waist design is perfect,it can show your proportions and then make yourself look taller.
That’s it,have you learned how to match clothes?
If you are still have no idea with it,you can contact us to discuss it at any time.Thanks:)

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