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Cocktail Dress

The general rule of thumb for a cocktail dress is that it should not be light, transparent, too short or too long.Basically, something in between the formal and casual spectrum.From classic little black dresses to A-line, strapless, embellished, lace or long sleeve dresses are the right choice for you.
1.Don’t wear flimsy dresses/accentuate your hem
Don’t pass anything transparent,cheap quality dress, or that draws unwanted attention to you at a cocktail party.Pay attention to your neckline and don’t be too sexy.Little black dresses are a timeless choice. Sleeveless dresses, sweetheart necklines, and long sleeves are all available.
2.Don’t wear oversized dresses/go for midsize dresses
Avoid wearing an oversized dress to a cocktail party.
3.Don’t wear jeans/wear other kinds of pants
Jeans may be your ultimate comfort item of clothing, but since they’re not in the formal dress category, they’re not suitable for cocktail parties.Instead, suit pants or another silk or chiffon shirt, paired with a pearl necklace, are perfect.
4.Don’t carry a huge bag/carry a clutch
As a woman, I know we want our bags to be like a small convenience store ready to pull out whatever we need.Always carry an oversized bag, but go to a cocktail party and change your mind.A small backpack is a good choice for women, or you can carry a small, stylish purse. If you don’t feel like it’s big enough, then you can always put the big bag in the car and put the absolutely necessary things like money and your cell phone in your purse.
5.Don’t wear slippers/wear high heels or high-heeled sandals
We all like to put on slippers or flip-flops when we are at leisure. It feels very comfortable.It’s not just slippers, boots, and sandals that are not suitable for cocktail parties.High heels, platform heels, high-heeled sandals, etc., can be slightly more formal for a cocktail party.
6.Don’t overaccessorize/accessorize with one or two
Accessories can be used to enhance the overall look of your outfit, but overaccessorized, jewelry is definitely not appropriate for a cocktail party.Only need one or two accessories, such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces, but keep them to a minimum to add the finishing touch.
7.Don’t wear wrinkled clothes/consider dry-cleaning or ironing your outfit
If you’re considering wearing a pantsuit, fancy pants, or jumpsuit, make sure it’s flat and not crumpled.Just iron it with a clean cleaner.Also, you usually have enough time to get ready for the event, so lack of time is not an excuse.
8.Do not let your underwear or straps show/use strapless bras or bra patches
Never wear a see-through or translucent coat at a cocktail party, or an off-the-shoulder jacket.This way your bra will show, or the straps will be exposed, which is not inappropriate.

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