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Custom Made Wedding Dress

Every girl fantasizes about how beautiful she looks in a wedding dress,After determining marriage date, choosing wedding dress became the thing that all girls look forward to most!But often there are brides say that they spent a lot of time to test the yarn and did not choose a satisfactory style.
Indeed, the wedding dress that wears once for a lifetime really wants to take seriously, then how can you spend the least time and energy to choose the most appropriate wedding dress?
Custom made wedding dress is one of the best choose.
1.Wedding in peak season
Time: 4-5 months before marriage
2.The wedding is off season
Time: 3-4 months before marriage
This time refers to the time to start to choose the factory(making dress), after all, it also need to takes about 1 month to choose one best seller, in short, as soon as possible not to catch up late.
Advantages: completely fit and clean, only a person to wear, can be left as a memorial, the style can be chosen according to their own preferences, more desirable.
We can make any wedding dress according to your picture and sketch,custom size and custom color are acceptable.
If you want to custom dress,please contact us: [email protected]

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