Evening Dress, Party Dress


1.Evening Dress
A ceremonial dress developed in the West and worn at formal evening gatherings, ceremonies, or ceremonies.The skirt is long and instep, the fabric pursues elegant, droop feeling is good, the color is most solemn with black.
2.Party Dress
A ceremonial dress worn at a formal gathering, ceremony, or ceremony at an evening or daytime cocktail party.The length of the skirt is 5cm above and below the knee, suitable for young women.The dress with collocation of small formal dress is appropriate to choose concise, fluent design, emphasize the style that echo clothing place shows.
3.How to choose one long dress?
Tall and slim, wear any style is good.Not very tall people should avoid to wear ball gown, preferably A-Line or a high-waist dress that elongates the lines of the legs.
The person with more plump posture, appropriate is dressed low breast or the design that shows the back, except the advantage that can show buxom, still can stretch the line of the neck.Additional, can try long sleeve formal dress, or it is to add shawl additionally, will slightly thick arm cover rises.
As for the slim figure, the upper body to wear a little bag style, the lower body can choose a skirt style, because the thin arms skeleton is small, the best choice of long sleeves or bouffant sleeve design, if you do not like this type of dress, it is suggested that you wear long gloves as decoration, can make the whole person looks not too thin.
About the neck part:
Someone with a long neck: The high neckline is your patent, but also designed for you, you just choose a higher neckline can be avoided V-neck or scoop neck or low straps of the dress, also do not choose a thin necklace.The key is to maintain balance between the hair and the neckline, so a lower cut will work for you.
Someone with a short neck: V-neck and scoop neck are your best choices, and while a o-neck can show off part of the neck, if you have a larger face, it can be rounded on top of a round one. It’s the same trick with a double chin – show more and less.Comb high hair of course is your good choice,if you don’t like it and want to let down your hair, you have to clearly grasp the layers, and dazzling accessories are also a good way to divert the eye.
In addition to the figure, the shape of the face is also one of the reference factors to choose a dress, round face or short neck to fall off the shoulders, low bust or V-neck style is better;If you have a square face, try a V-shaped or heart-shaped collar instead of a four-cornered collar.The inverted triangle face does not match the design of the peach neckline. You can choose the style of boat or big round neckline.As for the oval face that everyone loves is much more lucky, there is no special restriction.

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