Wedding Dress

How to Choose Wedding Dress-Other Parts

1.About Bust:
Big chest-deep v-neck
The best choice of busty bride is deep V design, can highlight the advantage.
Flat chest- ruffles+invisible underwear
The bride that bosom is not full enough, can choose a few bosom modelling is complex, or flower, fold, falbala, or feather is decorated wait a moment, will aggrandizement bosom is full degree.
2.About Waist:
Thick waist-tulle ball gown
The bride that have thick waist can choose the tulle ball gown, this kind of modelling can cover stomach already, won’t show leg thick again.You can choose a strapless or shoulder style for your upper body.
Thin waist and big hips-mermaid design
The bride with big hips also need not choose gauze or the wedding dress of A type blindly actually to cover hip, the mermaid wedding dress can highlight your good figure.
3.About Leg:
Long legs-High/Low style or short style
The bride has long legs,then can choose completely before short hind is long or the design that shows a leg comes out his advantage.
Thick legs-long style
As long as the wedding dress is not exposed legs, the general wedding dress do not need to worry about the problem of thick legs.

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