Evening Dress

Evening Dress with a Train

Wear evening dress to walk, must kick the evening dress forward, that kind of dress turn around can use the hand to support, but must be slow to keep good posture, of course not pick up, the hand in the back of the back of the buttocks up that part can;If the tail is very long you can fold the back in your hand and walk a few steps,turn around and throw it out;It looks better;Once again, choose a petticoat that supports the front part of your trailer.
1.Styles of Evening Dress Train
It can be divided into sweep train, middle train and large train.
The length of sweep train is about 30-50cm;The middle train is more formal than the small one,the length is about 80-130cm;And the length of large train is over 2.5m(it may look the most luxurious, but they can also be a logistical hassle.).
2.Choose the length of the train according to your figure.
The large train dress seems to be every girl’s favorite, but not everyone can fit well.It is suitable for tall women, short women are best not to choose.A woman with a height of 160cm or so can try the middle train, which can show the gorgeous and beautiful side of the woman, and do not have to worry about the trailing tail being stepped on.The sweep train suits the female of all sorts of figure, this kind of formal attire is worn convenient, comfortable, choose appropriate design according to oneself figure again, you will be more attractive.
Do you like which one style?

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