Wedding Dress

Five Simple Styles Fashion Wedding Dress

A perfect wedding dress is the dream of every bride,and this is really very important.
Without more lace, embroider, flowers, beads,instead, clipped and pure white is clean simple sense, the emphasis is fashion, reveal the temperament with different bride.
If you want simple design but not too conservative and boring at the same time, you can choose the following cuts.
1.Backless Style
Many brides will look for long-sleeved, elegant and simple white tulle styles,such white tulle dress is even more beautiful when paired with a backless,the front is graceful, and the back lines are beautiful when you turn around,perfect for outdoor weddings.
2.Off Shoulder Style
Such design can show collarbone, let simple wedding dress shows more slim, more bone sense of beauty, or it shows shoulder line, visual whole also has more key.
3.A-line Puffy Style
If you like simple design, but still have a princess dream, then this style of wedding dress, it really is your destiny!
The tops has fitted cut, the skirt is A-line puffy design,it looks the waist becomes thinner,because extremely simple style, without any decorates, more like a fashion queen than a princess.
4.Spaghetti Straps and Deep V-neck
If you think the simple design is not sexy,then must be wrong.
Because if there is no luxuriant beads and dreamy lace, when silk follows the curve down, it fits the curve of the body, then it makes women more attractive.Also,add the spaghetti straps and deep v-neck style, with the most simple design to wear the most feminine wedding dress.
5.Bowknot Style
If you’re a bride looking for fashion unique one, then the wedding dress with bowknot is perfect one.In particular, the bowknot design with oversized ones tied at the back can bring highlights to a simple design wedding dress.

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