Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress with Tail

A wedding dress with tail is a treasure for bride.The sacred and ritual sense of long tailed wedding dresses seems to be a dream for women.
Different length:
1.Within 40cm: small tail wedding dress
The small tail can perfectly lengthen the bride’s figure, because the texture is lighter, it can be matched with a more complex long veil, which looks more beautiful than the big tail.
The small tail does not need someone to help organize the skirt. The bride naturally walks forward, the skirt will be flattened naturally, and the small tail has strong adaptability to the site, you can wear it indoor and outdoor.
2.40cm-80cm: mid tail wedding dress
The middle tail is most suitable for walking on the red carpet. The tail of a wedding dress with a little length feels more solemn,and easy to move.
3.Over 80cm: long tail wedding dress
Long tail is suitable for tall brides with strong aura.Moreover, large tail wedding dresses have strict requirements on the venue, which is suitable for cathedral weddings or hotels with large venues.
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