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How to Choose Wedding Dress-The shoulder part

On the wedding day, every girl wants to look amazing in her beautiful wedding dress.But not every girl has the perfect model body
,then how to choose one perfect wedding dress.
About Shoulder
1.Shoulders slightly wide-sweetheart dress
Girls with slightly wider shoulders can choose for a sweetheart strapless top to elongate the neck, accentuating the good and ignoring the wide shoulder.
2.The clavicle is not obvious-cap sleeves or boat neck dress
Both styles can ignore the clavicle.
3.Narrow shoulders or sloping shoulders-spaghetti straps or boat neck dress
The girl of this kind of figure, the line of the choice that should notice bosom model and waist when choosing wedding dress, can’t choose wide straps design, spaghetti straps and boat neck dress still can try.
4.Fat shoulders-boat neck dress
And let down your hair,then they only can see your perfect parts.
5.Clearly collarbone-strapless or o-neck or scalloped neckline dress
A strapless, round or scalloped neckline reveals just enough of the delicate collarbone.

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