Wedding Dress

How to Walk with Long Train Fluffy Wedding Dress

1.When you walk, keep your feet two feet apart. When you walk, you need to raise your toes to lift your wedding dress and land them on your toes.
2.Keep your steps small, about 5 centimeters from foot to foot.The groom should not walk too fast. It is important to keep the same pace as the bride.
3.When turning, hold the skirt in the opposite direction. If the bride wants to turn to the left, try to lift the dress with your right hand and turn quickly.If your veil is long, lift it up with your arms.
4.When get off,be sure to tell your groom to hold your skirt as well as you.
Note: please try to choose a spacious arena or stage,and It’s best to let the bridesmaids carry the dress’s long tail.
If you have more suggestions,please let us know.Thanks:)

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