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Mermaid Wedding Dress

The mermaid wedding dress is, as the name suggests, a fishtail shaped skirt, waist, hips and middle thigh is a fit shape, and from the middle thigh began to gradually reduce and show the shape of a fishtail.The Mermaid wedding dress can show a woman’s slim figure curve, so that the slender waist and crotch form a sharp contrast, but it should be noted that mermaid wedding dress has a disadvantage, that is, after putting on its tail is very narrow leading to walk will be more trouble.
In haute couture wedding dress, the existence of the mermaid dress is extremely important.Different from the big dress with a trailing tail, and also different from the light wedding dress with a small cut, the mermaid wedding dress has a charming charm, most of the same trailing skirt below the knee, as if the little mermaid in the sea, with unfathomable beauty.
With luxuriant atmosphere gauze is different, the close-fitting design of mermaid wedding dress, draw the outline of a woman’s unique elegant line.The upper part of the lower part of the design can very well highlight the feminine graceful body posture just like the mermaid princess in the mysterious legend. It is kind, beautiful, mysterious and sexy, which expresses the bride’s inner longing for romantic love.
When you get married whether you will choose the mermaid wedding dress?

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